Mother’s Day Gifts for the Book Lover

Some last minute ideas for Mom

Mother’s day is coming up and I just wanted to post some gift ideas she might like.

Books are the obvious choice. You could choose a gift card from a book store that you know she frequents. You could also check out her Goodreads page for a wish list or on Amazon.

If you are married searching for a gift, you could get a book that your partner could read to your little one. If you are an older child or adult, you could choose a book both of you would like for a buddy read.

Besides books there are so many choices. Gift shops and book stores have candles that represent different authors like Hemmingway and Austen.

Tea and coffee are always a good choice. If she has a favorite get that or try out something new. There is a brand of tea called Novelty Tea Tins. You could also add a coffee mug.

Bookmarks are always a good choice. I like to pick up a few every so often. Besides the regular book marks, there are some made specifically to mark special passages in a book. Many readers like those to use while immersed in a good story so they can go back for favorite quotes.

Some readers like book bags and book sleeves. I tend to use my book bags for when I go book shopping.

There are also novelty book socks. I have a pair of Edgar Allen Poe socks I like to drag out in October to help get me in the mood for the season.

There are always the more obvious gifts you can get like flowers, cologne, specialty bath soaps, chocolates, jewelry, or you could take her to lunch.

I hope this gave you some ideas.

I will be cooking out with my kids this weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day. It’s a time I always look forward to sharing with them. Do you have any annual events for your Mother’s Day weekend?

Coming Soon:

I have completed reading a couple of books this past week so will have reviews for both The Agathas by Kathleen Glasgow & Liz Lawson, also The Last Word by Taylor Adams. If you have read either of these, be ready to discuss later this week.

Happy Reading!


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